My Student Success Internship Experience, by Julian @ Montclair State University

Hello my name is Julian, and I have been a Student Success Marketing Intern for Chartwells at Montclair State University for the past two years and what a journey it has been! My experience interning with Chartwells has taught me so many important professional skills as well as life skills throughout my time with the company. I will forever be grateful for the amount of amazing people I have met here and the lessons they have taught me.

I started off working with the company going into my junior year and had no real direction in terms of my career. Our Marketing Manager, Lindsey, was my first real mentor and she has helped me grow and develop my professional skills over the past two years. It is safe to say that I would not be where I am right now if it wasn’t for her guidance and mentorship.

Throughout my time here I have been assigned many different projects and events that I was responsible for managing. It is difficult to choose which one was my favorite but some of the projects that I feel are the most memorable include The Guest Satisfaction Survey, Be A Star and the various graphic design projects I have been assigned.

The Guest Satisfaction Survey table taught me the importance of market research and the positive impact it can have if the information is properly applied. This project taught me how to communicate with consumers in a professional manner and also taught me the importance of time management. Be A Star was another project I began managing my senior year and it has taught me to always be aware of deadlines and also gave me the experience of managing a corporate responsibility.

Lastly, the many graphic design projects I was given has developed my graphic design skills exponentially since I started with the company two years ago. I barely knew how to use Photoshop when I first started and now I know how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. These three projects have taught me so many skills and I am proud to say that I was able to stay on top of them.

I was offered an opportunity to work over the summer after graduating and assist with the marketing responsibilities while our Marketing Manager was out for maternity leave. I would love to work for Chartwells after the summer ends, whether it be at a new account or at Montclair. I truly value what the company stands for and hope to further develop my career within Compass. I aspire to one day become the Marketing Manager of a large account within Chartwells!

Some advice from me to any new Student Success Interns is to never stop asking questions and to never stop wanting to learn more. Go above and beyond what is asked of you, you never know who will notice. Whether it be your RDM, Client, or Director of Operations, they will notice the effort you put in and that can go a long way. Good luck to all of you!