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About Student Success

To better customize the learning experience and prepare our students for their future, we offer internships in over 10 distinct areas of the business that are designed to be both educational and practical:

Culinary Internships: 
Our Culinary Internship program offers hands-on cooking experiences alongside safety and quality assurance training. Our interns will take a deep dive into cooking 101 and train side-by-side with our industry leading chefs to explore the culinary world of contract food service.

Marketing Internships: 
Our Marketing Internship program offers our interns the opportunity to tap into their true entrepreneurial spirit. As the owners and innovators of campus promotions and events, interns work alongside our experienced team of marketing experts to learn how marketing campaigns impact our business.

Management Internship: 
Our Management Internship program gives our interns an inside look into the ins and outs of running a business. Through a series of one-on-one learning experiences, interns work with thought leadership experts who prepare them to make difficult business decisions by challenging them with real-world scenarios.

Sustainability Internship: 
Our Sustainability Internship program takes our interns on a journey through a movement that is quickly growing in popularity. Whether working with local farmers to source local ingredients or creating innovative ways to reduce sources of waste on campus, our interns make a true impact on the success of our sustainability program.

Community Wellness Internship: 
Our Community Wellness Internship program educates students on the essential best practices our entire company must follow. From allergen awareness to menu development, our interns work alongside our campus dietitians to better understand how to provide a healthy, well-balanced environment for themselves and their peers.

Construction Science Internship: 
Our Construction Science Internship is for students looking for real-world design and build experience, with an emphasis on project management. Self-motivation and exceptional communication skills will help students excel in this internship as they will learn how to manage multiple partners, clients and deadlines.

Human Resources Internship: 
Our Human Resources Internship key focus areas will be in Recruitment and Staffing, HR Administration, Associate Relations, Compliance, Wage and Hour, Training and Safety.  This internship is designed to be both educational and practical while working in operations that can manage hundreds of associates.

Accounting and Finance Internship: 
Our Accounting and Finance Internship key focus areas will be in Field Accounting, Operations, Budget Management and Payroll. Understanding the fiscal responsibility that we all play in operating a forward moving business is key, and interns always bring new ideas and processes that we love implementing into our operations.

Graphic Design Internship: 
Our Graphic Design Internship is perfect for anyone who loves creative freedom and is looking to help make an impact on a college campus. As well as building an awesome personal portfolio, interns have access to our graphic design resources and ownership to drive programs using their creativity!