My Marketing Internship Experience- Jessica, Babson College

My name is Jessica Jean-Baptiste and I am currently a junior at Babson College. I am concentrating in Marketing, and I have a passion for entrepreneurship. I started as the Marketing intern for Roger’s Pub in September of 2017 and in my time in this positon so far I have learned so much. Getting to understand the Babson population and catering to their needs through our Pop up Tables and discount promotions has been an integral part of my job duties.

Here at Babson I participate in a variety of activities outside of my internship. I am currently captain of the women’s rugby club, a resident assistant and a student mentor. It was through Morgan, (previous Chartwells intern) that I was introduced to the Roger’s Pub Marketing Internship, she is also a resident assistant and plays rugby as well! This goes to show the amazing networking opportunities that can exist within your immediate circle of friends.

As a student mentor I teach entrepreneurship to middle school students in the city of Framingham and the relationships I have formed with these kids in incomparable.  All of the skills I am learning in this marketing internship transfer into all aspects of my life. Building relationships with students, studying and understanding their wants and needs are things that I truly enjoy to do. I am thrilled to learn more and gain greater skill through this internship.